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Restaurant Review: Ardmore Tea Room

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Where: Ardmore Tea Room on Quinpool Road
When: Today at 11:30 am

On my way to work, we decided to have a quick breakfast. The Ardmore Tea Room is really a hole in the wall resto. It’s been there for years, survived a fire and most recently a change of ownership.

Walk in, seat yourself. It’s a mix match of booths, tables and chairs. We opt for the booth in the front corner by the window. All the tables have jam, peanut butter and honey racks with ketchup, flax seeds, salt, sugar and pepper. The waitress greeted us at the door and as we seated ourselves she was right behind us with paper placemats, folded paper napkins and silverware.

The menu has changed, it’s no longer a double sided plastic laminate piece of paper, it’s a book with 3 pages including the all day breakfast on the back.

My moms is with me, we both order coffee and it’s hot and fresh accommodated with a bowl of cold little buckets of blend and milk. We each order breakfast; she has 2 eggs with sausage and toast, I ordered the same but with bacon, and we both had multigrain toast. On the menu it was labeled “two eggs with meat” and you had a bunch of choices including falafel. (which you would never ever have with eggs, let alone with breakfast, let alone I should have ran when I saw it but vegetarians need their choice too) We both asked for our eggs over medium and they were cooked perfectly, however, my biggest pet peeve – one of my yolks was already broken. That’s suppose to be for me to do! As a rule of thumb you shouldn’t serve eggs with broken yolks unless asked to do so or start the fuck over. I mean you have a full all day breakfast menu and you can’t cook my eggs without breaking the yolk? A whole page of your three page menu is dedicated to breakfast, come on!

Anyway, we each traded sausage for bacon. The sausage was hot and snapped when you took a bite, it was pretty tasty. I can’t say that for the bacon though, it was crispy but it wasn’t the real deal. Salty pre-cooked pre-packaged fake thin little strips of bacon that you’d find in the grocery store aisle under I don’t have the time and I lack a sense of respect. Makes me assume the microwave is the chef at large at this establishment.

I’ve been told the french toast and pancakes are good and the milkshakes are delicious. My advice would be to avoid the eggs benny because the hollandaise is made from powder and also avoid anything fried. I remember going with a friend and the fish and chips were so dark it was almost racist. The oil that runs my car is cleaner.

I’d categorize it as quick, cheap, come by yourself and read the paper, or bring your hungover friends. I don’t know if I’d give them another shot, but it could happen. It’s like I completely forget about this place and then once every couple of years it comes to mind and I always forget how hit and miss it is. I’d avoid the lunch menu in droves because I don’t think it’s made fresh to order.

I have to credit the server, she was quick and attentive and extremely friendly even when we asked for a different fork because it came sticky lol.

Beep, beep, order up!

Total was $16.50 and with tip it was $20

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