Restorative Justice Week Starts Nov. 20

NOTE: The National Restorative Justice symposium runs Nov. 21 and Nov. 22 at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel, 1919 Upper Water St. Media are welcome.

The National Restorative Justice Symposium, beginning Monday, Nov.21, in Halifax, is one of the highlights of Restorative Justice Week in Nova Scotia.

Restorative Justice Week, Nov. 20-27, is about raising awareness and bringing best practices about restorative justice to the forefront.

“Restorative justice brings the community, offender and the victim together to find a way to repair the harm,” said Justice Minister Diana Whalen. “With almost 300 participants from across Canada and the world coming to this symposium, it highlights the importance of restorative justice and the potential it has for justice systems around the world.”

Restorative justice emphasizes community, focusing on the rehabilitation of the community, the victim and the offender. The offender takes responsibility for their actions and, through restorative justice, works toward reconciliation and restitution.

The symposium is a gathering of practitioners, policy and lawmakers, researchers, and other experts and stakeholders, to consider and assess the innovative and transformative potential restorative justice has for the justice system.

“The National Restorative Justice Symposium is a unique opportunity to learn from practitioners, researchers and other experts and share with them on the transformative benefits of restorative justice,” said Don Head, commissioner, Correctional Service Canada. “Restorative justice is not only an important part of the correctional process, it is an integral part of Correctional Service Canada’s mission and we are proud to take part in the symposium.”
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