Results from the 6th Annual Point Michaud Surf Classic

About 40 competitors participated in the 6th Annual Point Michaud Surf Classic on Saturday. Here are the results:

Kids (under 10)

1st place – Emily O’Brien

1st – Olivier Broussard
2nd – Lachlan McLean
3rd – Hunter Johnson

Junior (11-13)

1st – Paris Broussard

1st – Dustin Martel
2nd – Colin Colson
3rd – Colin McHule

Junior (14-18)

1st – Nicole Boudreau

1st – Tristan Martel
2nd – Craig Colson
3rd – Maurice Francis

Open Surf (all ages)

1st – Carli Boers
2nd – Omar Dabaghi
3rd – Claude Broussard
4th – George Grinnell
5th – Nicole Boudreau
6th – Gerard Taylor

Longboard Open

1st – Michelle Richards
2nd – Nicole Boudreau
3rd – Claude Broussard

Shortboard Open

1st – Tristan Martel
2nd – Angela Altrojje and Nicole Boudreau (tie)
3rd – Olivier Broussard

Men’s Surfboard
1st – Claude Broussard
2nd – Omar Dabaghi
3rd – Craig Colson

Master Surfboard (senior)

1st – George Grinnell
2nd – Gerard Taylor

Women’s Surfboard

1st – Michelle Richards
2nd – Nicole Boudreau
3rd – Carli Boers

Skim Board

1st – Luke Shiels
2nd – Colin Colson
3rd – Tristan Martel and Dustin Martel (tie)

Body Board

1st – Tristan Martel
2nd – Hunter Johnson
3rd – Dustin Martel and Klyer Johnson (tie)

Body Surf Expression Session

1st place – Team Thibeauville: George Grinnell, Angela Altrojje and Omar Dabaghi
2nd place – Team Lawrencetown: Colin Colson and Craig Colson
3rd place – Team Broussard Family: Claude, Olivier and Paris Broussard
4th place – Team Point Michaud: Carli Boers and Nicole Boudreau
5th place – Team St. Peters: Tristan Martel, Dustin Martel and Maurice Francis

Top Water Awards (given to those who excel in a majority of divisions)

Top Water Man – Claude Broussard and Omar Dabaghi (tie)
Top Water Woman – Michelle Richards and Carli Boers (tie)
Top Water Master – George Grinnell
Top Water Kid (girl) – Emily O’brien
Top Water Kid (boy)- Olivier Broussard
Top Water Jr. Boy (11-13) – Colin Colson & Dustin Martel (tie)
Top Water Jr. Girl (11-13) – Paris Broussard
Top Water Jr. Boy (14 -18) – Tristan Martel
Top Water Jr. Girl (14 -18) – Nicole Boudreau
Top Water Family – Broussard Family, Claude, Paris and Olivier

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