ReTales Dec 8: Bath and Body Works, Burrito Jax, Downtown Groceries and The Best Tims

A little Mic Mac Mall talk to start off, Forever 21 opens this coming Saturday and Icing has already opened a store.


RUMOURS continue for Halifax Shopping Centre,
-Food Court in Bowling Alley,
-H&M takes Food Court,
-Michael Kors and/or Steve Madden, coming but sadly can’t confirm any of it.

However Bath and Body Works will be taking over the former Mappins space on the first floor come the spring.

The Tim’s in Dartmouth Crossing won the the “Always Fresh” award for the Freshest Cleanest Tim Hortons in all the land, owner gets a Lexus.when they won regional award of $10k the owner split it among employees in the form of swag and bonuses.

The all December tradition of  24h WalMart’s isn’t happening this year but they will go 24h Dec 20-23.

Carrot Community Co-op has selected a space and purchased space on Gottingen read here

RUMOUR one of the major Grocers is looking to open a smaller “urban” store in 1991 Brunswick when it renos, the strong money is for Sobeys to bring their “Urban Fresh” concept.

Burrito Jax opened their Cole Barbour Rd location this week

Sometimes I delve into my opinions this time on crosswalk ideas click here

and last weekend in Point Pleasant Park thru the brush what to my wonderng eye should appear


Literary Review’s Bad Sex in Fiction Award

Premier to Join Delegation Paying Final Respects to Mandela