ReTales Feb 23: Tim’s closing Coldstone & Kipper Bus

Quiet week but that doesn’t some things didn’t happen.

2 items from Tim Hortons first the return of Roll up the Rim, which I think the concept of slurping on your cup then redeem it for a prize, yuck.

Also Tim’s announced the end of Coldstone  Creamery in Canadaas well as some other menu items, mixed-berry smoothies, blueberry & choc danish, double-berry muffins, walnut crunch, Timbit Dutchies & gingerbread men.

The Hart and Thistle unexpectedly closed this week, such a great space, but not surprised as the service was always miss.

@krongh found this gen at Sobeys

and playing conceptually with a water taxi for Halifax , more at
KIpperBus (Medium)

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