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ReTales Feb 9: 2nd Ace, Sully’s, Halifax Chef on Top Chef Canada

A 2nd Ace Burger, you betcha, next month Ace will be taking over Bearly’s kitchen guess they nolonger will be a house of ribs. just blues. That’s right Ace is coming to the  South End.

All in the matter of the last week I find out an “urban” concert/music club is opening at 5287 Prince St, in the former Bubbles Mansion,. By the end of the week though a message was posted to say it wasn’t happening.

Sully’s Roast Beef will be reopening early week in their new Agricola St home, by Bloomfield. This one however will have proper seating and they are working towards having it licensed.

Also in North End news the Burrito Jax on Kempt should be open by month end.

Nestle Toll House Cafe opened on the corner of Spring Garden and Queen.

Common Values on Agricola and Cunard downsized, from Agricola it looks closed but they are just store fronted on Cunard now.

Lauren Marshall owner and chef of En Vie has been selected to be on the next Top Chef Canada.

US Wedding Retailer Davids Bridal is poised to have a Dartmouth Crossing store opened for the fall.

The Rodeo in Burnside is now known as Bootz.

Freshii will be coming to town this year no location as of yet but they tend to set up in Urban cores.

Some cruise ship passengers enjoyed Durty Nelly’s chowder so much they asked the LA Times to track it down for them, and Durty Nelly’s was happy to comply http://www.latimes.com/features/food/la-fo-sos-seafood-chowder-20130622,0,6443298.story#axzz2sYUSHjgW

Feel bad for the servers on Valentines this year as it falls on the Full Moon.



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