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ReTales: Gahan House Halifax, WingDings done, Anchored Toastery

Natal Day Weekend Edition, Happy 265 Halifax

Usually I don’t discover many things on a Saturday, and long weekends even less but this Saturday all kinds of things came up.

First off former Barrington St staple Junk & Foibles will be making a one day return on Aug 16, inside Big Pony on Brenton St.

Charlottetown’s Gahan House Pub is coming to town they say a waterfront location so logic would say they are taking the former Hart & Thistle in Historic Properties. Gahan is just one of a slew of PEI bars and restaurants owned by the Murphy Group. They also operate East Side Mario’s, Pizza Delight and Dooly’s franchises, ISE, Merchantman, Fishbones, Sims and The Brickhouse. It will great to see a tenant back in that lovely harbourside space.

Room 152, a ladies used and new fashion store is coming to Downtown Portland St.I have been babbling to people for a while that this is the sort of idea that will continue to bring DT Dartmouth back to life. Big Life, Dart Gallery, Kept, The Canteen, Sugah Shok, and higher profile Dartmouth Yarns have all popped up as of late. The Montreal Friperie (currated used clothes) idea would be great to fill the gaps.

Kevin Muise Interiors which recently shacked up with Vogue tailor on Gottingen, is branching back out on his own.10494638_910669915626208_8815599019386641370_n

Honey Bee Vintage Bridal opened its doors on Gottingen this weekend.

And Aeropostale is rebranding as AERO

Earlier in the week there were news tidbits as well

10443125_907650549261478_8607599835209203502_oThough I heard today that new kitchen equipment was spotted going in the vacated Susie’s space.

Wing Dings in Cole Harbour is done but in an odd move they were bought out to make way for a franchise of Newfoundland’s Wing N It, so only a few weeks and the wings will return.

Ireland 32 will be renamed The Other Bean after a recent ownership change.

A few doors down in what used Maritime Campus, the major renos  are done, the scaffolding is down and great looking 2 story show room is ready to show  off chandeliers, as a lightning store is going to open.

Might as well stay on Quinpool and say that Anchored Espresso and Toastery Bar opened inside ProSkates, I admit I went to check it out. I can best describe it as meh. $6.05 for tea and toast neither were even slightly remarkable.

Outside of my normal geographical reach but Crystal Palace, Ramada and McGinnis Landing in Moncton are closing to make way for Bass Pro Shop, Moncton is getting a Cabelas as well next year,

Froyo for better or worse has finally hit Dartmouth, yeh! opened inside of the Dartmouth Crossing WalMart.

The long standing Pizza Hut on Young St has closed, they have moved in with KFC on Quinpool, bumping out Taco Bell. That strip mall on Young is almost empty now with tenants finding new homes. Michaels Bar however is still going but word is they have found a new home.



I’ll end the week with this bit of RUMOURING, I had heard that WalMart was looking for space Downtown Halifax a few weeks ago and I dismissed it.This week however I was reading that WalMart Canada is considering opening smaller scale “urban stores” to Canadian downtowns.I still remain skeptical though.



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