ReTales: June 2, New Brew Pub, Sobeys on Wyse, Mugs etc.

  • Stubborn Goat on Grafton has some signage up getting closer on Grafton
  • Habaneros in Burnside beside the Sleeman brewery opened this weekMugs etc is open on Barrington, Fair Trade Coffee between Bishop&Morris
  • Brew Pub opening where Capt Sub / Greco was on Barrington owned by the guy who created Bar Volo in Toronto but now lives here
  • speaking of which Cap’t Sub & Greco in Colby Village  are gone
    Mills open their new Spring Garden Place home Saturday after 95 years in their original home, though that home has been seriously divided the last couple years
  • Signage is up on the new Sobeys on Wyse Rd in Dartmouth only a matter of time now before the old Primrose store is gone and North End Dartmouth actually has a top tier grocery store. As well the Bridge NSLC will be relocating beside the Sobeys 970363_652400981453104_2034277420_n
  • Parkside Pub in Highfield never changed its name to Grill Billies but  the smokers are installed and the BBQ menu is in place http:// m/
  • The Shack started serving up harbourside fresh seafood at Queens Landing just outside the Halifax Ferry Terminal
  • Skybox Hair Cuts is opening a new shop on Barrington in the space formerly occupied  by Carbonstok
  • 968856_650450181648184_138454013_n
  • Steve o Reno’s setting up Narrow Espresso beside Darrell’s on Fenwick
  • Journeys is opening their first Canadian store outside of Ontario in Mic Mac this summer

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