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ReTales May 18: Sunnyside Changes, Victoria Secret Dartmouth?

Sunnyside Mall taking a new approach. Statement was already announced to be moving from Agricola St. but also Limoncello will be opened a location and Wolfville’s Baso Bamboo Boutique in the near future.

Lisa Drader Murphy’s Turbine will also be opening there in September.

Tim Hortons on Spring Garden has begun renovating the former Hakim Optical on Spring Garden Rd. (once the Garden View) moving over a block from their spot beside Park Lane.

2 stores coming to Historic Properties. A new location for outdoors store Take it Outside. Their 3rd store after Truro and Dartmouth Crossing.As well the first location of activewear, and Lulu competitor Lolë.

What’s going in at Penhorn? Well right now I know its a 4 unit strip mall with a drive thru on one end, a similar design to where Starbucks is in Woodside.Who is going in? at this time there are no signed tenants. It’s more of a build it and they will come philosophy.

Earlier, this week on the blog, Value Village and Bowling Downtown??

Looks like Scotia Square has a website for its new and “improved” food court scotiasquare.com/TheMix but I’m still mad about Ray.

Not official still a strong rumour, but it looks like that big space 2nd floor Mic Mac is clearing out, will be Victoria Secret.

Did you know Cristall and Luckett (Bedford) Harvest Wines (Dartmouth) and Premier Wines (City Centre) are now one company, same one that own the ChickenBurger.

Was at Marshalls Saturday, the young change room girl complemented a customer about her earrings and asked where she got them, as they matched her prom dress. The woman took the earnings off, handed them to the young girl and told her to enjoy her prom.

And I combine my love of Sim City with the new Cogswell layout.


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