retro-cool electric stove

The aptly named Dimplex White Cube Electric Stove is a retro-cool electric stove with enough modern pizzazz to liven up any room in your home. With rounded edges, clean lines, and a stylish chrome finish pedestal base, this electric stove makes a statement simply and efficiently. The white lacquer casing keeps this faux fireplace more modern, and less kitsch.

Built-in manual switches allow you to choose heat options (off, low, high) and power it on and off. Hit the power button and watch as lifelike 3-D flames dance over molten embers.

It’s green and safe, too. The Mini Cube Stove doesn’t produce carbon monoxide or other emissions, and the safety glass stays cool to the touch, so the whole family – and even pets — can enjoy the fun of the fireplace.

Bask in the warm embrace of fireplace heat during winter months, or enjoy the beautiful flames without added heat in the summer. Either way, this stove gives the room a glowing feeling and ambiance that’s hard to resist, and you can take it room to room as you wish!

With this fun modern electric fireplace, it’s okay to light the fire every night to create a relaxing retreat to keep cozy and warm.

Available at Gallery 1 Furniture in Highfield Park in Dartmouth (NS) for about $250…but you may have to ask, these sold out quickly. If not in stock, they can be ordered through the store (expect an approximate 3-4 week delivery).

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