Retro dancing for a good cause

L-A: Most days, we fill the internet with pretty vapid stuff. Marc Jacobs being inspired by the 70s might seem important to me and my closet, but when you get down to the proverbial brass tacks, it isn’t that important. Outside of the blog, there are bigger and more important things that matter to us. One of those things happens to be Titz n’ Glitz.

It’s hard for us not to love a charitable event that includes the words “Retro Dance Party,” “costumes,”  and involves giant disco balls.  But this event is way bigger than it’s disco ball. The aim of Titz n’ Glitz is to raise money for women who are living with breast cancer.  Every breast cancer charity is worthy of your support – research and technology are really important things – but this one is unique because the money will go directly to those who need it.  They can use it to buy groceries, pay the rent, or afford childcare.

I don’t know about you, but before learning about Titz n’ Glitz a few years ago, I didn’t even know this kind of need existed.  I count myself lucky – no one in my family or circle of friends has had to be in a situation where they had to choose between something like chemo and childcare.  I probably just assumed that if you needed chemo, you got chemo, end of story. It breaks my heart to think that someone has to face this kind of choice.  So thank goodness that there is an organization out there who is helping these women. If we wore hats, we would tip them to the folks behind Titz n’ Glitz.

Now that you know why Titz n’ Glitz exists, let’s talk about that Retro Dance Party business: we live for that kind of thing.  The very words “retro” and “dance” send Ally into a frenzy for tulle and dancing shoes.  The event is going down on Friday, October 15 and it’s a ladies only night of awesome at Alderney Landing (where the ferry lands).  I haven’t been, but I hear the costumes are outrageous (and there are prizes).  I’ll be volunteering, so no costume for me, but if I was dressing up, I would totally be aiming for something along the lines of this:

I'd be aiming for a prize in the "Material Girlz" category with this one.

I’d be hitting up Biscuit or Pretty Things in search of a crinoline and I’d pile on as many bangles as humanly possible (Black Market is good for bangles on the cheap).  Or maybe I could convince Ally that we could win in the Disco Divas category with this number:

cat mini-dresses! of course!

You know you want to bust out a wicked costume for the event. And if you do, here are the important details:

Date: Friday October 15th, doors open at 7PM
Location: Alderney Landing, 2 Octerloney Street, Dartmouth, NS
Price: $60 – Regular pricing
Tickets: by phone 1-888-311-9090
online at
pick up at Alderney Landing Box Office
at the door (subject to availability)

There is going to be a lot happening at this party: auctions, prizes, food, booze (that is why it is 19 and over only), and a whole lot of dancing.  With that, here are some retro (and retro-inspired) dance numbers:

Hopefully, we’ll see you there. And if you’re particularly proud of your costume and want to feature it on the blog – let us know!

p.s. if you can’t make it out, you can always support this amazing cause with a donation.

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