Retro: Halifax 1980′s TV Ads


0:00 Papa Gino’s Restaurant

  • Oh Papa Gino’s, Halifax has come so far though I do miss the building where the Mariott Residence Inn is today.

0:32 High Liner

  • Not the finest of High Liner commercials, “Ever been to see Billy?” but High Liner still hawking their frozen fish today.

1:02 Pizza Delight

  • “Nobody Loves You Better” wow that commercial is 80′s overload, and Pizza delight was still unappetizing.

1:33 Crown Real Estate Ltd. (First Lake Estates Sackville)

  • 30 years later only going for ~$160,000 today.

1:58 Bud McDonald Pontiac Buick GMC

  • I’d buy a new Firefly for $7700, all 3 cylinders of it’s greatness, Bud McDonald has since made way for Wheatons and the MetroLink station in Sackville.

2:29 Chebucto Ford

  • still hanging on but soon to move to Portland Street and become MacPhee Ford, will they still be CRUSHING the competition?

2:59 Miss Murphy’s Business College

  • Wow, just wow!

3:30 Super Loto

  • Suuuuuuper Loto , Corvette Convertible. (the emphasis is all wrong on that)

4:02 Gordon Shaw Concrete

  • Still in biz with the flashier name of GS Concrete, and no longer making precast stairs.

4:33 Nova Scotia Tourism

  • sad thing is except for the adding Theodore in i suspect they would make the same AD today

5:03 Casino Taxi

  • best jingle ever, I remember trying to dial 429-6666 late one night of drinking when I was in Ontario!

5:32 Ben’s Bakery

  • Whoa, if I change the U in Buns to and E it spells Bens, Mind Blown!

5:49 Cindy’s Restaurant

  • tapping in on the perceived fame of Pap Ginos Cindy we get Cindy’s cajun “What dat’s not my bill”.

6:18 TK’s Carpet

  • This to me is the embodiment of 80′s Halifax and TK’s is till going.

6:49 Yellow Pages

  • Ha, a lot has changed in the last 30 years.

7:20 Scotia Square

  • still open but more of a convenience for the towers above than a shopping destination, though they do have an awesome food court.

7:51 Mad Man McKay’s

  • Crazy Special effects.

8:23 Reliable TV

  • yikes that Stereo was $1000 before the interest.

8:53 Creighton’s Food Brokers

  • these ads used to always make me sleepy that were just so boring, or the exciting one about Austral canned peaches. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

9:24 MacPhee Pontiac

  • now MacPhee Chev after the changes at GM but still a huge dealer, used to always bug me as a kid why Mike McPhee would have a dealership and call it MACPhee.


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