Retro Movie Night

This is the first in a series of themed movie nights we have planned that are perfect for those of you who enjoy spending a night inside with someone special. On our first movie night we decided to go with a retro theme. All it took was a cheap dinner out to a 50’s style restaurant (which could easily be done at home), a few candy treats, and a classic movie.


Sometimes I feel like I was born 30 years too late and missed out on what seems like the simpler times of the 50’s, the decade filled with swing music, lollipops and poodle skirts. If someone could transport me back in time, the 50’s are the first decade I would make a stop in. Since we couldn’t figure out a way to take ourselves back to the 50’s, we went out and got the 50’s for ourselves!

If you’re going to have a retro movie night, you must first treat yourselves to a retro meal. Luckily, we live pretty close to The Chickenburger, a classic retro drive-in style restaurant complete with vintage jukebox.

The ChickenburgerI have loved visiting The Chickenburger ever since I was a little kid and couldn’t believe when I found out while dating Brad that he had never eaten there before! I love that their cheeseburgers are just the right size, made of real meat and come in a cute paper wrapper. Obviously I ordered one of these with shoestring French fries.

For those of you without a unique retro style restaurant nearby, there’s always A&W. For those of you without an A&W, we feel for you. The next time you go into town, buy yourselves some ice cream and bananas and whip up some good ole’ fashioned banana splits.

No retro movie, or any movie, is complete without candy. Before we headed home from The Chickenburger we made a pit stop at the Freak Lunchbox, a candy lover’s dream come true. Some of the treats we picked without really knowing what they were (i.e. pink elephant popcorn). While some candies are better left in the 50’s, none can compare with gummy cola bottles and candy necklaces.

Finally, we were home and ready to watch our movie. We decided on Grease because – hold your horrified gasps – we had never seen it in completion before. I liked it for the most part, but Sandy lost me when she started into her slow songs. If you’re typically not into musicals, but want to give them a try with your retro movie night, I would highly recommend Hairspray, even though it’s not technically retro. I had a great time with Retro movie night and look forward to our next themed movie night.


Movie nights are always a good idea in my books. Sure I love getting outdoors and finding new and exciting things to do, but there’s just something about settling in to watch a good movie that I really enjoy. Retro movie night seemed like a simple way to put a twist on the typical night in without having to spend an arm and a leg.

As Susan mentioned, I had never been to the Chickenburger in Bedford before I met her. I’m pretty sure, even if just for a moment, she had some serious second thoughts about me when she found that out. I’m glad she showed me the light because I really enjoy it now. Sure it’s kind of greasy and is basically just fast food, but at the Chickenbuger none of that matters. I love the atmosphere, the prices are really cheap, and the food really does taste great.

I did have one problem with the Chickenburger though. I’m pretty sure the men’s washroom door weighs as much as an elephant. Let’s be honest, I’m not the biggest or strongest guy by any stretch of the imagination, but I tried four times to get that door open and I couldn’t do it. It was actually quite embarrassing. Here I was taking running leaps into the door trying to get it open, but it refused every time. Then an old man came by and pushed it open with one hand. I think he muttered something about kids these days as he passed by…I then walked away in shame as we moved on to the Freak Lunchbox to get our candy.

Freak LunchboxThe thing about the Freak Lunchbox is that there are so many choices it can be overwhelming. Our biggest problem was that a lot of the candy they have is packaged to look retro, but we honestly had no idea what was and wasn’t authentic. All that aside, it’s a fun place to go with all the various treats and trinkets they sell.

Finally, we arrived home and popped in the classic John Travolta movie Grease. I had never seen it before so I was actually looking forward to watching the old musical. Although it didn’t end up in my top 10 list, it was enjoyable and suited the rest of our evening quite well.

Remember, the purpose of everything we write about is to spend time with another person and do some out of the ordinary things. Watching a movie at home may not seem very special, but when you give it a theme it gets a whole new life. It ends up being more than simply watching a movie. I had a lot of fun with retro movie night and I hope you give it a try. What are some of your favorite retro movies, candies, or restaurants? Let us know in the comments.

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Photo credit: Annie Mole from Flickr

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