Revenge – Connecting the Threads

Revenge – Connecting the Threads

String theory.

Mason Treadwell? Thanks for saving this season of Revenge.

I’ve been worried that there are too many threads of storyline on Revenge this season, with a lot of loose ends. But the show has been zeroing in on Mason Treadwell realizing that Amanda Clarke and Emily Thorne switched identities, and that’s exactly what the show needs. Mason is a new ripple in Emily’s plan, one that could jeopardize everything. The suspense that brings is what originally made the show great.

Revenge – Connecting the Threads This week’s episode was particularly good since it featured a classic Grayson party – Victoria and Conrad’s wedding – and it ended in scandal, with Conrad being led away in handcuffs. Emily orchestrated everything so that it would look like Conrad had killed the white-haired man, and now he’s indebted to The Initiative for getting him out of jail. That’ll take a while to pay off, Connie.

Another bonus was that Gordon’s death being reported sent Kara off the rails, and a crazy mother is never a bad thing. Kara’s intentions have always been mysterious, but I don’t doubt that the show will be more fun if she’s getting in everyone’s way.

I’ll keep the review short this week since it’s rather late, but I did think it was a good episode and I’m on the edge of my seat to find out what will happen with Mason Treadwell. A few other stray thoughts:

  • The storyline of Declan, the bar, and the guy who bought it is still quite boring. I trust the writers have a plan, but come on already.
  • Aiden made an interesting comment about Ashley being “too easy” a mark, and it seemed like perhaps he recognized her. They are the only two Brits in the Hamptons. We’ve always known Ashley had to be more than a social climber and I think her story is about to heat up.
  • I like Aiden so far on the show, especially as a love interest for Emily.
  • Jack proposed to Amanda, but my money is on Amanda going down with that ship before the end of the season.

Revenge – Connecting the Threads


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