Review: Shaklee Natural Cleaning Products GIVEAWAY!!

Okay so what I’m about to reveal is pretty nervy of me because when a new baby enters your life, a few basic things fall by the wayside.  Some of which include:

  • showering
  • brushing your teeth
  • blogging
  • going to the gym
  • laundry
  • common household cleaning…

Am I the only one with an overabundance of condiments in their fridge?  Anywayyy….So nothing like a little *wink wink* *nudge nudge* my way from Julie at Shaklee natural cleaning products to gently nudge me to getting to work on something that obviously needed some TLC!

So the interesting thing about this product (there are many more than the ones I’m sampling) is that there’s ONE concentrated product and THREE empty spray bottles for you to fill up with good ol’ nature’s H2O and a variable amount of the “H2” concentrate depending on which bottle you are using.


For example, for the “All Purpose Cleaner” bottle, you fill it up with water and add 1/4 tsp of the “Basic H2” concentrate (yes that’s only TEASPOON).


For the “Windows” bottle, you add only a few DROPS of the concentrate and for the “Degreaser” you add 1 1/2 tsp.  Keep in mind, you get a huge bottle of concentrate, so this stuff would last a WHILE!  Not to mention, uses for this product range from cleaning the engine of your car to your fruits and vegetables! Seriously.

Shaklee also provided me with this “Scour Off” paste to help with the hard to scrub substances and let me tell you, it smells DELICIOUS! Why? Because it’s made using cherry pits!  LOVE LOVE LOVE

The suggested uses for this stuff is endless.  Everything from cleaning dishes, bath tub to your eaves troughs, motorcycle or boat! lol  I’ve personally also used it to clean my flat top stove and it did a fabulous job doing that too.

So let’s be real, does a product that you only need a very small amount actually do the job?  Well, here’s what we started with:

I wish I had of pictured the messy glass shelves for the purpose (because they were dirrty), but I think I’ve embarrassed myself quite enough already! lol

First I filled up my kitchen sink with hot water and instead of using my usual dish detergent to soak and wash the shelves, I added a few drops of the concentrate instead.  The shelves washed easily and cleaned back to brand new.  And to polish them up, we used the “Windows” cleaner and not a fingerprint or streak was to be seen 🙂

The “All Purpose” spray was used to clean the interior of the fridge, along with the Scour Off paste to get at the sticky blobs and with very little to moderate effort, we were very pleased with the result…

Overall I am still majorly impressed that such a tiny amount of an ORGANIC completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly concentrate could do such a good job!  I feel good about using this product where my food is stored 🙂  Now that I am a Mom, I truly do care about what products are being used in my home and what my little peanut is being exposed to, so I’m happy that Julie asked me to review this product because I might not have otherwise heard of it or come across it.  So I was happy to participate in a way to spread the word!

Shaklee would love to give away samples to FIVE of you lovely people and all you have to do to enter is:

  • Follow my blog by “Google Friend Connect” on the right hand side of the blog and leave me a comment after you have done so;
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I should also mention that Shaklee has a promotion called “Healthy for the Holidays”, enabling you to receive: 

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