Last weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of working on Cory Bowles RIGHTEOUS. This was his directorial follow-up to one of my favourite short flicks of 2008, THE SCAVENGERS (click here to see the trailer for that film). Both of Bowles’ films are from his production company Transfiction Films.

I was on set for two days in Truro, and they shot another day in Halifax.

I’m really excited for everyone to see this! Everyone on the set was operating on every cylinder possible, I think we may have created something really special.

The film stars Richard Talbot in his first acting role, Kate Macdonald, and myself. The crew was made up of some ridiculously talented people. Jeff Wheaton (assisted by Scott Thorne) conjured up some pretty effing whimsical shots as the Director of Photography. Mr. Zan “Aikido” Rosborough & Adam Burke provided excellent audio recording skills. Meanwhile, John Davies provided rugged good looks and pitched everyone on movies all weekend.

Lots of other people worked on the film, and they were all awesome!

Hopefully, some stills will be available sometime in the near future, so you can have a proper preview of Righteous. Until then, here are three behind-the-scenes shots from the shoot. Don’t you feel special?

r001Scott Thorne snapped this photo between shots of me cursing at Jeff Wheaton.

Mr. Bowles himself wondering why I’m standing so close to him…

I wanted to take a tough photo of Richard Talbot, however, DOP Jeff Wheaton decided it needed a little more clown…


That’s all for now. When there’s more available, you’ll see it either on here, or over at Transfiction Films’ blog.

Oh, and PS, unrelated note: Ghostbusters is playing this Friday at 11:30pm at Empire Park Lane. What better way to ring in Halloween?

Charlie Mac Productions Screening

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