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*Ring Ring*

Me: “Hello”

Voice: “Hello, may I speak with Angela please.”

Me: “Yes, this is she speaking.” (Yes I do answer the phone this way when I have no idea who it is :-P)

Voice:  “Angela this is Terry your Weight Watcher leader calling and I just want to start off my saying that the purpose of this phone call isn’t to make anyone feel bad at all, but I just want you to know that you are very missed at our Weight Watchers meeting and I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t anything I did to stop you from coming to our meeting.  I normally don’t call our members when they stop coming to our meetings, but you and Lynn and Holly are really missed in our group and since I only knew your first name, me and the staff here went through our member cards trying to find your last name and phone number so I could call you personally and as you can imagine, we have hundreds of members, so it was tough, but I found it!”

Me: “Awwww Terry!  First of all, please know that I would go out of my way to attend one of your meetings.  Secondly, the reason I haven’t been attending is really a good and happy reason and that is because we’re expecting a baby!  In fact a friend of mine attends another one of your meetings on Tuesdays and she offered to tell you for me this coming week.”
Terry: “Oh I am so happy to hear that because it matters to me how you are doing and I would just hate if there was anything that I did to stop you from coming.”

Me: “Absolutely not and in fact, you can be sure you’ll be seeing me again after the baby comes!”
(….back and forth chit chat ensues…)

Terry: “I am so happy to hear it!  Please pass the same along to Lynn and Holly”

I can’t tell you how much it touched me that she went through so much trouble to contact me!  This was not a routine phone call and I could tell that she genuinely meant it.  Clearly she doesn’t read the blog! lol The funny thing is that I did want to contact her to tell her that I would no longer be attending, but at the time I could only find a 1-800 number for WW and I was feeling supreme 1st trimester misery and I just didn’t have it in me to pursue it further at the time.

She definitely made my day!!  Thank you Terry! 😉

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