RipCurl STEW to serve as trails for O’Neill CWC

The Rip Curl Stew this year and is slated to go for June 5th and 6th at Cox Bay, Tofino BC.

“The top 2 finishers in the Rip Curl Stew will receive entry into the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Canada main event, with all the remaining surfers being seeded according to their standings at the Stew. If the full field of 144 (142 + the top 2 surfers from the Stew) is not realized by the closing date, those seeded surfers from the Stew will gain entry into the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Canada according to their placing in the Stew.”   -Marc Fuller, O’Neill

This sounds like a good idea as it may, depending on how well they surf in the STEW, allow for more Canadians to make it into the O’Neill CWC.  If the full field (under 142) or less show up there’s a good chance we’ll see more locals in the comp since the spots will be open.  However, the CEC being a 6-star event I can’t say that many of the international surfer’s wont’ be showing up!

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