Ripsters In #Sackville Gets Stink-Bombed. Cops Looking Into It.

Have a read: Not cool, Kiddos….


From Ripsters Halloween Shop:

Yesterday afternoon July 24th approximately 3:00pm.

Attention all businesses on and around Sackville Drive. Ripsters Halloween Shop your YEAR-ROUND costume shop located at 622 Sackville Drive, had one of these Fart Bombs thrown directly into their store by several kids after purchasing them from SugaRush (although SugaRush did advise the kids not to activate inside–however we all know kids can be curious) across the road.

Although these Fart Bombs not be harmful. Allow us to elaborate that when this was thrown into our store it not only alarmed us but without knowing what it was had us kick it out of the store and within seconds of this thing swelling up with a hissing sound it made a loud boom and discharged powder along with an extremely unsettling smell that had it gone off in our store there would be no way anyone could stand the smell inside of a closed area. These are made by a Fireworks company and should not be in the hands of unsupervised children.

The RCMP were called and did take the evidence into custody for this can be extremely harmful to small pets and children due to the scare factor and if someone has respiratory issues.

So from one business owner to another beware and pass along.

Check the item out on YouTube:

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