River Hebert Renovations Now in Provincial Hands

The province will take over the management of renovations at River Hebert District High School starting today, Sept. 12.

“The community is eager for this project to move forward and government feels this is the best way to proceed,” said Carole Olsen, deputy minister at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

The renovations will create a Primary to Grade 12 school. River Hebert Elementary students will then move into the improved and expanded school.

As part of the project, the province will examine how the concept of a community hub school can be applied to the current design to provide the best educational experience for the children and maximum long-term benefit to the community.

Chignecto-Central Regional School Board was notified today it is no longer responsible for the project.

The project has faced delays, including an unexpected pause to review a tender that came in more than 45 per cent above the budget estimate of $6 million.

Tenders for the second phase of the project are expected to go out in the next few weeks.

Source: Release

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