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Road to The CrossFit Games; An Injury


With the CrossFit Games Open coming up in 25 days, I’ve been upping my training substantially and eating perfectly for the past two weeks.  I’ve been doing two training sessions a day, one or two heavy lifts as one and a metcon to keep up my cardio as the other.  I do this five days a week and on the other two days a week I’m either training once a day or working on mobility.

I’m also eating clean and 100% Paleo six days a week and having one giant calorie loaded cheat meal on the other, and I have not had any alcohol.

My plan is to do this up until the Open and throughout so I can be at the top of my game.

Right now I’m dealing with a slightly torn and strained rotator cuff, so I’ve been focusing a lot on my technique with lower weights and a lot of lower body exercises with the hopes that my shoulder will be ready to go early next week.  However, tonight I injured my knee and ankle as well.

No, I didn’t hurt myself during a training session, I had a knee on knee collision while playing flag football.  Now don’t laugh at flag football.  We have a lot of really great athletes who play in our 8 team league and it’s actually very competitive.  It’s also a lot of fun and I can hit a calorie burn of about 1,200 in 45 minutes of play.

I’m a HUGE sports guy; I love playing sports, I love watching sports, I love talking sports and did I mention I LOVE playing sports?  Sports were a huge part of my life and a huge part of my family growing up and I played hockey and baseball at a pretty high level.  It killed me not to play sports when I was overweight and being active on some sort of ice surface, court or playing field six times a week was a big part of my losing weight in the beginning stages of my journey.

Right now I play hockey, football and volleyball in leagues and I love every second of it, but my question is; should I stay off the ice, court and field up until the Open is over?

My knee and leg are really messed up right now and I don’t want to jeopardize my very first CrossFit competition, but do I really want to give up my sports for two months?  I know I’m not going to win the Open or even qualify for Regionals, but I am 100% committed to do well, so I’m torn.  CrossFit is “The Sport of Fitness” and I am an athlete who is in training for a competition…

I think I may have just answered my question, but I’d love your thoughts and opinions.

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