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Road Trip Survival Guide

Currently blog reader I’m exploring the beautiful city of Boston MA! If you follow along on instagram (@shortpresents) you know I’ve been road tripping with Ford Canada to the US of A! In preparation for the trip, and being an avid roadie I was reminded of these quintessential road trip survival tips.
The last thing you want to be in the car is uncomfortable, so you do need to consider your outfit. I tend to avoid dresses because I find my legs stick together (yeah that’s probably too much information, but heck its summer and I’m just trying to help a sister out here). I usually wear either shorts (but not too short because you will 100% get a wedgie about 5 mins in), or some jeans. Might I suggest these AMAZING jeans from Rag and Bone via Aritzia.

You could also consider a culotte. I recently wore mine back from Mexico and found that they are the closest thing to socially acceptable pajamas that i’ve ever found.  Feel free to also bring blankets, and pillows :) you know for when you take shifts. 

I’m like a hot mess if I does get enough food in me, sometimes the opposite occurs and rather than feeling tired and cranky I get wildly hyper (which is not good when (a) you’re trapped in a car for 14 hours or (b) when you’re driving. I like to pack lots of snacks so I’m not dependent on fast food. I like to maintain my track record of avoiding it, so I often pack sandwiches like these rice cake ones (recipe here and here), and I even use the bag from the rice cakes to tote them! I usually use a line grocery bag or a cooler (depending on the amount of people going) and some ice packs to keep everything cold. I’ve also packed smoothies, and cold pressed juices on occasion for long trips. It’s nice to have something fresh while driving a long stretch. 

I also hit up bulk barn and pick up dried things like, almonds, walnuts, pretzels (maybe some chocolate covered ones), spicy banana chips, pumpkin seeds (which contain magnesium which actually help you from needing to pee as much #themoreyouknow), and basically anything else that I can think of like dried apricots and mangoes (SO GOOD!). If you’re going over the board be sure to eat ALL your perishable food prior because they will take your bag of oranges, and they wont care how much you paid for them, or that you specifically went to store to buy them. There is no mercy when it comes to produce.


Apparently a huge chunk of sun damage actually happens from when you’re inside the car, so dont forget to rub up before you hit the open road. Also it’s just a good idea to have it on board anyways because you never know where the adventure will take you. There’s a bunch that I like, but my favorite for on the go has got to be the dry sunscreen from Jane Iredale (read more about that here).


Music is as important as gas when it comes to road trips! Strategically laying out the songs so that they mellow out, and speed up again will not only save you from strangling the person you’re traveling with it will also preserve your energy.  Might I suggest Dan Mangan? He’s good times behind the wheel. Also feel free to browse my What’s Playing Wednesdays for ideas!


Okay hear me out on this one! He’s not as bad as you think, and I actually find his interviews to be extremely entertaining. You will get to a point where you just don’t want to hear the same music anymore, and also repeating songs makes your trip seem long. I love listening to Howard Stern interviews while on a road trip because it really passes the time, and I really get into it. Also he’s hilarious and can really get people to open up, just don’t be offended when he asks inappropriate questions lol


It doesn’t need to be a major plan, but have a little bit of a guide or even a “want” list of things to do and see if for sure helpful. A lot of times there’s so much you want to do and see it’s easy to forget something, and realize you’re in the next city and missed your opportunity. 


You can only regret not doing this; it will only take a few minutes, but it’ll save you hours (and tolls) if your electronics fail you (TRUST ME).


A lot carriers now offer some pretty low rates for roaming in other places. This will be helpful if you plan on going outside the country and you also plan on using your phone for a map! 


It’s nice to have some basics on hand, like toilet paper (hey you never know when nature will call), paper towel, Tissues, and napkins. Basic first aid kit doesn’t hurt either.


And maybe more than the one on your cell phone! There will be so many fun things to see, and snap, so go ahead and take the big camera! Make sure everything is fully charged before you hit the road (or you at least bring all the cords). Might I suggest the Nikon 1 J4 it’s a great little camera!

Last but not least, you really want to bring your best buddy! I always say nothing tests a relationship or a friendship quite like a vacation. There are always going to bumps in the road, but some are better equip to deal with the stress than others. Leave the Debbie downers at home, and bring your best fun loving pal and you can’t go wrong (or least you can and it’s not game over).
Hope you found these suggestions helpful!

With a sweet new ride (thanks Ford Canada), full tank of gas, and all my clever Road Trip Essentials I’m ready for an adventure! Keep up with me as I explore Boston with my CityPass, and visit some of the coolest spots on instagram and twitter (@shortpresents), and facebook here. I’ll be updating along the way #sptakesbeantown

Short Presents 

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