rock it, ladies!

I know I promised more on a last minute staging job I just completed, but you’re going have to wait another week….

Because I have to beg your forgiveness (again) for going a bit off topic here, but this tip is too good not to share.

Ready? Costco has ¾ of a table of Rock & Republic jeans ( up for grabs. If that means nothing to you, it’s ok, but you likely won’t bother to read on….

Two “washes” available, both in the Stella cut. Price = $98.99.

I would never pay $250-300 for jeans. Never. But seeing these at a mere 1/3 rd of the regular price? I still had to convince myself to go back for these and at least try them on. Of course, you can’t try anything on at Costco, but their return policy is stellar, so there is no risk there.

I have been afraid of the skinny jean. They really go against everything I know about dressing my body shape. And some of the skinny jeans I’ve seen are ridiculous…going back to my junior high / high school days where girls painted themselves into those things. (Yikes. That can’t be good for you for soooo many reasons!)

The Stella cut is actually promoted as their “straight leg” cut…but I beg to differ. That’s skinnier than I thought I’d ever dare to go.

Anyway, back to me. As I mentioned, I had to convince myself to go back and at least try these for this kind of price.

About 3 seconds after being so happy these babies actually fit, I discovered the difference that an expensive pair of jeans can make. They fit PERFECTLY. And that never happens to me…that’s why I mostly wear dresses and skirts, actually.

My butt has never, ever looked so good in my life!

I rocked those skinny jeans out at a party last night and got lots of compliments…”have you lost weight?” “You look great tonight.” “Sexy jeans…where did you get ‘em?”

I already know they will be my absolute favorite jeans. I’ve got them on again today…this time rolled up so you can see my nice flat shoes for running Saturday morning errands. Equally lovely. And butt still looking great.

Two handsome boys actually whistled at me on the street after saying hello as we crossed paths on my way home…(ok, so that might have been a touch creepy, but still!)

Bottom line is this: Haligonian fashionistas…get ye to Costco.

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