Rocky Lake Dome vandalized

The Rocky Lake Dome officially opened for business in November 2009.

The Rocky Lake Dome, located on Damascus Road in Bedford, was vandalized sometime over the weekend.

RLDA (Rocky Lake Development Association) board member Len Goucher explains on his website that “sometime between May 28th and the morning of May 30th, vandals cut 3 large slits (4 – 6 feet) and 1 small slit in the Rocky Lake Dome. The vandalism caused no structural problems but will present a significant budgetary dollar to repair. In a day when the cost of ice rentals is increasing in the HRM arena’s, RLDA is fighting to maintain our ice rental cost line. Please help us stop this insanity by catching these individuals.”

Bedford Councillor Tim Outhit has asked HRP to increase patrols in the area.

If you have any information on this act of vandalism please contact Halifax Regional Police or the Rocky Lake Development Association in confidence at

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