rouge is stylin’!

rouge has recently learned that a senior editor is a fan and frequent reader of the just a little rouge blog! We are thrilled, of course, because rouge is a big fan of theirs – the magazine, the website, and the blogs.

Here’s something you may get a kick out of…their latest project is the Style at Home Makeover Contest. The contest invites Canadians to share a photo of a room in their home that’s in desperate need of a makeover. Whether it’s a kitchen that’s buried under a sea of clutter or a bedroom that’s just plain boring, they want to see pictures of rooms that need a decorating overhaul.

There are two grand prizes of $2,000 each in Home Depot gift certificates, plus 20 $50 Home Depot gift cards are up for grabs, just for voting and posting comments. Visit for more info (and full contest details).

Prizes aside, it’s incredibly entertaining to browse the entries submitted so far (over 450 entries), as well as reading advice other people have offered in comments.

Be sure you check out my very own entry…. “Airing my dirty laundry”. Vote for it after September 25!!

Celebration Of Jewish Music Concert

On Friday night, members of the Red Knights Motorcycle Club, comprised largely of firefighters, led a motorcycle ride to honour the firefighters who died in the 9/11 attacks in New York City eight years ago. The first annual 9/11 memorial ride, which was open to all riders, started in the parking lot of the Bedford Place Mall (pictured) and travelled through the city.

Remembering 9/11 heroes