rouge no more…

Hey, just a little rouge readers. My apologies for not posting in ages, but there have been “big doings” behind the scenes over the last few months. After much consideration, I’ve decided to wrap up rouge and the just a little rouge blog.
Not to worry…it’s all good news! 
I have joined forces with a wonderful new partner and we’ve created an exciting new business called relove. It’s all things vintage, salvage and stylage. You’ll find out more about us and the products we are offering at
I am so thankful for the wonderful supporters of rouge over the last 5 years since it began in 2009. You have been the best. I have loved blogging about all things design, DIY and the occasional random thoughts. I have loved having the opportunity to help redesign your spaces. I have loved building and flexing my interior design muscles on your projects. And I have loved having a wonderful group of dedicated readers. Thank you so much.
I do hope you’ll be interested in my next adventure…be sure to check us out ( And follow us to make sure you get to see each new project as we recycle, reinvent, reimagine, reclaim and rebuild. Our items are moving fast, so if you see something you love, let us know right away!
Much love,

XX rouge.

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