Royal & Langnickel 13-pc brush kits

The last time I browsed Royal and Langnickel brushes was at IMATS long time ago, and I liked the ones I bought. When I spotted a few 13-piece brush kits (100% vegan) at Winners, I splurged.

These kits, with a travel friendly snap-close storage container, are normally USD59.99 on their website vs. $29.99 at Winners, a steal!

The Love Is … Patience kit (left) has a mint green box, brushes are with white bristles and green tips, grey green handles (not mint as showed on the box, bummer) and purple ferules.

If you can’t guess already, I prefer the Guilty Pleasures Envy kit (right), with a dark olive green box, dark green bristles with black tips, dark green handles and gold ferules.

The 12 brushes (exactly the same in both kits) are well packaged inside the box with individual plastic wraps, and do have names printed on the handles. They are full sized (not travel/ short-handled), so the handles are as long as most MAC brushes.

The large powder brush flares out quite large because of the loosely packed bristles, not ideal for pushing in setting powders. I imagine it is good for dusting finishing powder all over the face.

The contour brush is compact, great for precise contouring.

I don’t have much use for the (flat) foundation brush as I prefer flat top kabukis. I might use it for concealers, or foundation in a pinch.

The large concealer is not very large but is stiff enough and picks up products well, works for spot concealing.

The stippler brush is not as dense as MAC 187, I like it for pigmented cream blushes. The mini flat smudger is small and dense, as a smudger should be, but it does not get much use from me, as I don’t normally smudge out my liners.

The small shader brush, funny enough, is not small. It is about 1.5 times bigger than MAC 239, takes some time to get used to but it does the job well.

The line & smudge brush and the smudger brush, as you can predict, don’t get used often either other than inner corner highlighting.

The crease brush has softer and longer bristles than my current crease brush so it blends out the crease colour more slowly and over a larger area of the lid. I am happy to have both versions. And since I like to blend with a crease brush, the angled shader brush is saved for brow bone highlighting. Everybody is happy.

Lastly, the angled brow brush is tiny and firm (but not scratchy), gives sharp edges to my brows and fill them in well enough too.

Overall, for this many brushes (none of which I have problems with other than finding alternative ways to use them) and a carrying case for $30, I would not complain at all.

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