Royale Golden Kittens 50th Anniversary Promotion

Royale Golden Kittens 50th Anniversary Promotion Have your ever dreamed of winning a lottery? I know I have. I have even planned how I would spend the cash, yes you can call me a day dreamer, but right now one very blessed Canadian is about to win $50,000 from Royale, with the Royale Golden Kittens 50th Anniversary promotion. What would you do with $50,000?

For me being the practical money saving mom that I am my mind tells me that is quite a nice little nest egg till I find the perfect next adventure. Then there is dental work that I need to get done and it really would take up a nice chunk of change. But I wanted to play after being asked to write this post, so what if impractical me took over, you know the dreamer in all of us? What would I dream of doing with $50,000?

First my absolute favorite car is the Ford Mustang, so when I was asked this post I went to the Ford Canada site and played with the ability to design my dream car, the Ford Mustang GT convertible, when I was done it would of cost me just shy of $36,000. The car was even in red my favorite color for a car.

Royale Golden Kittens 50th Anniversary Promotion

car perfection

With $14,000 left over there is still much more I would dream of doing. I have wanted a new camera for a very long time, and with a new car I would so need one for all the road trips I would want to take.

Talking of road trips could you imagine putting your child in the car, and hitting the road and driving to Disneyworld, not telling them where they were headed till you hit Florida. That is the type of road trip I would love to take with party of the left over money. After all every girl needs to visit Cinderella’s castle at least once.That sort of road trip would take say $3000.

Royale Golden Kittens 50th Anniversary Promotion

Then what would I do with the rest, if you know me you know I love exotic Morocco. To me that would be a dream destination. I have dreamed of haggling in the souks, the best spa treatments in a hamam, visiting some of the oldest mosques in the world, and of course camel riding in the Sahara. That sort of trip would take up the rest of the $50,000.

Royale Golden Kittens 50th Anniversary Promotion

camel riding in the sahara


Now with Royale Golden Kittens 50th Anniversary promotion, one very lucky Canadian will be handed a cool $50,000. Actually, there are also 500 instant-win prizes, and four runner-up prizes as well.

There’s 2 ways that you can win:

  • 60 tickets are located online through or the Royal Kittens Facebook Page. Play a game and maybe you’ll get a Royale Golden Kitten ticket! Find a Golden Kitten ticket and enter your PIN code online and you could win one of 500 instant-win prizes, before being entered to win the $50,000 grand-prize or one of four runner-up prizes! The instant win prizes include: Samsung TVs, Samsung Tablets, Samsung Blu-Ray Players, SpaFinder Gift Cards and special Limited Edition ROYALE plush Kittens.

Good luck and what would you do if you were the lucky Canadian?

.*I am participating in the Golden Kittens Blog Tour by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Royale. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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