Rumour: WalMart to open SuperCentre in Dartmouth Crossing (Updated)

[Ed note: Looks like this is a go, see pic below]

Date: 2012.02.21
So the rumour mill is up and at it again
a few weeks ago on Twitter I reported rumours that WalMart was ready to build a new SuperCentre in Bayers Lake behind where Kent currently is. WalMart denied it however.

Now though, even more talk in Dartmouth Crossing (DX)
Here are the clues

  • Employees at the DX WalMart have been talking and insist the store is ready to renovate to coincide with the transformation of the Cole Harbour Zellers to a WalMart the employees are talking about an expansion  of the southern wall which coincides with a pdf on the North American development Groups website
  • Dartmouth Crossing has a big announcement coming this month

Dartmouth Crossing Site Map this map came out before the McDonalds was announced as well so some truth to it  here is the WalMart specific part



All indicators to me say this is a go


WalMart SuperCentre Canada acording to Wikipedia

These stock everything a Wal-Mart Discount Store does, and also include a full-service supermarket, including meat and poultry, baked goods, delicatessen, frozen foods, dairy products, garden produce, and fresh seafood. Many Wal-Mart Supercenters also have a garden centre, pet shop, pharmacy, Tire & Lube Express, optical center, one-hour photo processing lab, portrait studio, and numerous alcove shops, such as cellular phone stores, hair and nail salons, video rental stores, local bank branches, and fast food outlets (usually McDonald’s).

Update: So this is happening in 2013

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