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Come on out and hear about 150 years of Barrett’s Lumber Mill operations on the Little Sackville River.

Dave Barrett will also be talking about flooding and the Barrett’s Dams on the Little Sackville River.

There will be a rock throwing on Saturday, July 9. Meet at SRA Office at 9 a.m.

We will be throwing rocks and making Atlantic Salmon pools on the LSR. Dress for the weather, wear rubber boots, and see you there!!

Come on out and help save YOUR Sackville River!!

Call 865-9238 or 430-2262 or 476-6276.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to help with the SRA Annual Dinner and auction
Tickets go on sale soon
Call Ann at 864-6299

When the river runs brown with silt please please call it in to the regulators.
Phone numbers:
24-hour number – 1-800-565-1633—(Press 1 for English, 2 for the Pollution Line).
HRM Pollution Prevention – 490-6943
HRM call line 490-4000
Be polite, give address if you know where the silt is coming from, but important to call in every time the Sackville River turns brown, help protect our river !!!

Trail Benches for Sale

The Sackville Rivers Association is looking for sponsors to purchase beautiful trail benches to be installed along the Sackville River on the Bedford-Sackville Greenway Connector Trail.

These wooden benches can also have a plaque installed which you can dedicate to a local hero, loved one, or company.

On average about 1,400 people a week walk on the Bedford-Sackville Greenway Connector Trail that use the benches.

The benches cost $400 and come with a 5-year warranty and a tax receipt.

Contact the Sackville Rivers Association for more information or to purchase a bench:


Meetings are not restricted to members, they are open to the public.

You can find out what the SRA is doing and listen to the guest speaker.

See website to learn more:

The Sackville Rivers Association is on Facebook!

“Join” us to keep updated on weekend clean-ups, meetings, and other events. You can also have input on discussion items, checkout photos, and keep in touch


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