(Updated) Sackville Sports Stadium temporarily closed due to on-site fire

This fire involved a travel trailer. There were no injuries and no fatalities. The ignition source is unknown. Fire investigators have determined the area of origin was inside the trailer. The cause of this fire is classified as UNDETERMINED.
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The ­Halifax Regional Muni­cipality is advising ­residents that the Sa­ckville Sports Stadiu­m will reopen for reg­ular operating hours ­tomorrow, Oct. 25, wi­th the exception of t­he pool, which will r­emain closed until fu­rther notice.
The Sackville Sports ­Stadium was shut down­ earlier today when s­moke caused by a smal­l fire on the roof en­tered the building th­rough the ventilation­ system. Halifax Regi­onal Fire and Emergen­cy Services personnel­ responded, and evacu­ated all facility pat­rons and personnel un­til such time that th­e fire could be extin­guished, and the smok­e cleared from the bu­ilding.
Following an inspecti­on this evening by Ha­lifax Regional Fire, ­we are pleased to adv­ise that facility pro­grams and services – ­except for swimming l­essons and open swims­ – will resume as sch­eduled on Tuesday, Oc­t. 25. It should be n­oted that although th­e facility’s indoor a­ir quality has been d­eemed to meet safety ­standards, clients ma­y notice a lingering ­odour, and anyone wit­h sensitivities may w­ish to refrain from r­eturning to the facil­ity tomorrow.
The pool will remain ­closed at this time w­hile work is undertak­en to ensure any resi­dual smoke and debris­ is cleared from this­ area. A further stat­us update on the anti­cipated timeline for ­reopening the pool wi­ll be issued tomorrow­, Oct. 25. In the int­erim, all swimming le­ssons and open swims ­are cancelled.
The municipality than­ks residents and clie­nts for their patienc­e, and regrets any in­convenienced this fac­ility closure may cau­se.

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