Safe Boating Awareness Week is May 19-25! .


Kicking off Safe Boating Week at Lake Banook where the hot topic this year is impaired boating by drug or alcohol.


Sober boating includes getting to the water, being on the water, and after you leave the water if you are travelling. Impaired boating can lead to accidents which may become life threatening.


Boaters are also encouraged to take a safety course which will provide solid advice for all aspects of safe boating. Proper fitting, and proper use, of life jackets for all ages is a must for safe boating.


Boaters are also encouraged to carry appropriate safety gear such as first-aid kits, lights / flares and more as appropriate to the size of your boat.


Every year, many Canadians hit the water in different types of watercraft. Life threatening incidents do occur on Canadian waters. Being safe and prepared can help prevent an accident from becoming worse.


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