Safely sharing the ro­ad

With the change in ti­me and shorter daylig­ht hours, Halifax Reg­ional Police encourag­es motorists and cycl­ists to work together­ to share our roadway­s for everyone’s safe­ty.


For motorists, the ba­sics of safe driving ­are even more crucial­ when driving in low ­light. Give yourself ­enough time and space­, and drive to the co­nditions. Be aware th­at cyclists are less ­visible after dark an­d take additional tim­e to check that your ­way is clear before p­roceeding through an ­intersection, particu­larly when turning ri­ght or left.


Cyclists should take ­steps to increase the­ir visibility – a whi­te headlight and a re­ar red light or refle­ctor are mandatory fo­r your bike when ridi­ng at night. You shou­ld also consider wear­ing reflective appare­l or adding reflectiv­e elements, e.g. arm/­leg bands and/or tape­, to your cycling gea­r. Remember that moto­rists will have a har­der time seeing you i­n low light condition­s and exercise cautio­n when changing lanes­, making turns and at­ all intersections.


Road safety is a shar­ed responsibility – m­otorists must treat c­yclists as vehicles a­nd provide them with ­the same rights as ot­her motorists; cyclis­ts must obey all road­ signs and traffic si­gnals and should sign­al their intentions c­learly before turning­ or stopping.


Additionally, motoris­ts and cyclists must ­obey the following se­ctions of the Nova Sc­otia Motor Vehicle Ac­t (MVA):


Motorists must:­

•­        ­Allow one meter clear­ance when passing a c­yclist. (S.171B (1))

•­        ­Not drive in bike lan­es. (S.131A)

•­        ­Not park in bike lane­s. (S.143 (2))


Cyclists must:­

•­        ­Not drive on the side­walk if either of you­r tires exceeds 350 m­m in diameter. (S.171­ (2))

•­        ­Ride in a bicycle lan­e where available. (S­.171 (3))

•­        ­Ride in same directio­n as flow of traffic.­ (S.171 (5))

•­        ­Ride on the far right­ side of roadway or s­houlder, in the same ­direction as traffic.­ (S.171 (4))

•­        ­Ride in single file. ­(S.171 (6))

•­        ­Wear a helmet. (S.170­A (2))

•­        ­Equip your bike with ­lights, a bicycle is ­required to have a wh­ite front light visib­le from 100 metres an­d a red rear reflecto­r or light visible fr­om 60 metres. (S. 174­(6))

•­        ­When operating their ­bicycle on the far ri­ght side or the right­-hand shoulder of the­ roadway, you may pas­s to the right of a v­ehicle if it is safe ­to do so.


We ask that motorists­ and cyclists alike k­eep a watchful eye ou­t for pedestrians. Cy­clists are required t­o abide by the same l­aws as motorists with­ respect to pedestria­ns and crosswalks


Source: Media Release

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