Sally Hansen Canada-exclusive collection

Have you ever heard of a Canada-exclusive Project Runway polish collection from Sally Hansen? I was so surprised reading about from a few polish blogs. Do we ever get anything for ourselves (sounds so selfish, but really?), and I didn’t know about it???

Anyway, I am now officially on the hunt for these little bottles. The words are they are available at Shoppers. See for yourself and tell me you don’t want them 🙂

From L-R: American Beauty, Fashion Forward, Valentino, Project Runway, Purple Heart, and Burnt Sienna.

Photo credit: Lindsay117 on Makeup Alley. She posted close-up bottle pics as well, so indulge yourself!

After I saw the swatches from Jade at Enamored Enamel, I could hardly wait. Are you excited?

Thank you Sally for giving Canada a little something to play with (and maybe to brag about, lol). I believe all these shades are great for fall, just in time, isn’t it?

Also while we’re on the topic of nail polish wishlist, just like anybody else, I am dreaming of the day I could own China Glaze OMG and Kaleidoscope collections, and the OPI DS series. If you have got these bottles before, can you please point me to the right direction: what website/store, price point, shipping cost, customer service quality, etc. I do know the popular nail polish e-retailers, but haven’t shopped there and don’t know which one is great. Thanks so much!

Happy Friday Bloggies!


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