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Sandwich Showcase: Meatball Panini from Ciboulette

This is another sandwich recommended long ago by Halifax ReTales on his 101 Best Things to Put in Your Mouth in HRM (2013).

This tiny café is affiliated with next-door neighbour, Chives Canadian Bistro.

Meatball Panini with Aged Cheddar and Tomato – Bacon Relish ($8, Combo $11).

Ciboulette 4

Bread from Boulangerie La Vendéenne is grilled to a perfect crispness. The sandwich is stuffed with sharp gooey cheddar and a moist slab of meatloaf. I didn’t really taste the bacon element.

The first thing I noticed was a ketchupy aroma. Indeed, this meatloaf was very classic; it had that ketchup-onion-breadcrumb combination. So 1980’s.

Problem is: I don’t like ketchup. I also like my meatloaf to be more meaty, less breadcumby. Like my Mom’s 😉

Ciboullette 6

If you are a lover of old school meatloaf you’ll probably enjoy this sandwich. It just wasn’t for me.

I think I’ll opt for the grilled cheese or roast beef next time.

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