Sandwich Showcase: Smoked Meat Sandwich at Sully’s

Sully’s recently moved from its former digs on Novalea to its new and improved (and much more spacious!) home on Agricola. As you walk in you’ll see a little staircase, and this actually goes up to the cash and kitchen.

Go up to order, then check out the downstairs. The walls are covered in random memorabilia (mostly sports) and the furniture is mismatched rescued furniture, including the bar stools from the late Ginger’s Tavern. Best of all, there is an old gramophone that was found in the basement of the building. You can wind it up and play old tunes from the 1930s while you eat/wait, which really sets the mood!

Sully’s menu is simple. You can basically get a smoked meat sandwich, a roast beef sub, a veggie sub, pulled pork sandwiches, smoked salmon bagels and Nathan’s hot dogs. Smoked meat is the name of the game, so here it is:

Smoked Meat Sandwich at Sully
Smoked Meat Sandwich at Sully’s

Lester’s smoked meat is shipped from Montreal, thinly sliced and served in warm rye bread with mustard. You can get sauerkraut and Swiss cheese, if you please. But I made an excellent decision by just going with the hot Polish mustard. Awesome stuff. The sandwich is served with a top notch dill pickle and a side of chips. It’s hard to go wrong with this.

Sully is thinking about switching to oven baked chips, and Propeller beer taps are just waiting to start flowing! It was clear there is still work to be done here, but I’m just glad the doors are open. Sully told us that he accidentally ordered in some corned beef so he decided to serve up some Reubens. Now he’s thinking about putting them on the regular menu. Just for fun I’ll show you a pic:

Rueben sandwich at Sully
Rueben sandwich at Sully’s

The Rueben came on toasted rye bread, with home-made Russian dressing, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. This was great! My Mom enjoyed it with a lentil and kale soup. Meanwhile, Sully got me to taste his chili, which he made from odds and ends – beef ends, that is, and hot dogs. This is an awesome idea, and the flavour was spot on. My Mother curled up her lip at the prospect of hot dogs so Sully came back to the table with a prepared Nathan’s hot dog cut into 3 so that we could all try it. These are seriously good hot dogs, and I think I could see myself hanging out in Sully’s drinking Propeller, eating hot dogs, and chillin’ to the gramophone.

Now I just gotta move to the North end!



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