Sandwich Showcase: Vesuvius Sandwich at The Italian Market

The Italian Market
6061 Young St, Halifax

I first heard about this sandwich from The 101 Best Things to Put in Your Mouth in HRM, a list compiled by Halifax ReTales in 2013. That list mentions a few notable sandwiches, and was probably the inspiration for my Sandwich Showcase. Just this year ReTales, still a lover of sandwiches, has started his own sandwich blog, – check it out!

The Vesuvius Sandwich: Hot Calabrese Salami, Provolone, Dill pickle slice, Dijon mustard, and black olive paste on Focaccia – $7.99

You can get it grilled if you want, which I would recommend.

Vesuvius 2

I was worried this sandwich would have an overpowering mustard factor (which can be a such a sandwich killer) or that it would be too salty – but it was instead well balanced and delicious.

The salami had a good spicy heat, and was complimented by the sharp mustard, tangy dill, creamy cheese and earthy olives.

The dense mass of thinly sliced salami had a nice chew while still succumbing to my incisors and canines. The crunchy dill and crispy bread rounded out the textural elements.

In other words, this is a great sandwich! If you’re a fan of spicy salami, definitely try this one.

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