Sarah Ashton brush set

This is the Sarah Ashton brush set that I own. The foundation brush was used in my Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Makeup review, and Rocaille requested a separate review of the set, so here goes.

I saw this set at Lawton a while ago. The brushes looked nice, not flumpsy or cheap, and the red case with metal clasp was fancy enough, so I thought I’d get it for travelling.

From L-R: eyeshadow brush, lip brush, defining eye brush, brow groomer, foundation brush, bronzing brush and powder brush.

This brand does not seem to exist online, and I only found the set sold at Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, so I can’t give you any further information other than my own opinion.

First off, all the brushes, except for the brow groomer and the powder brush, have synthetic bristles, so they are best for cream/ liquid products. They are firm enough to do the job, but not scratchy. The bristles are densely packed, and the handles are conveniently short, good plastic, with fancy “Sarah Ashton” writings. Look good to me.

The shadow brush is great to do a wash of cream shadow on the lids as a base to pop the main shadow colours. The foundation brush worked well in my GA review. I sometimes use the powder brush for my mineral powder foundation but prefer the kabuki brush, due to the size and the coverage it provides. The brow groomer is always an interesting tool to me – as I don’t know how to use it correctly. I don’t give my brows enough attention as they deserve, and I know I should :-). The fan brush feels nice on the face, but I haven’t used any bronzer this summer, can’t tell whether it works. The defining brush would be good for cream eyeliner (or when you want to use pigment as liner).

Nothing in this package spells “cheap” in anyway, I think they are of reasonable quality for a drugstore product. Even if I don’t use all the brushes, the set is worth the money. I’d say the brushes make a good back up set for travelling. However, I am not aware of any other store that sells them besides Lawton (which is limited in the Maritimes region).

If I had a million dollars…

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