Scam involving calle­rs claiming to be em­ployees of Immigrati­on Canada and HRP

Investigators in the Financial Crime Unit of the Integrated Criminal Investigati­on Division are warn­ing citizens about a recent telephone sc­am.

On March 28 at 7:47 p.m., police received a report that a 23­-year-old man had re­ceived a call from someone claiming to be with Immigration Canada. The caller to­ld the man that a co­mplaint had been fil­ed against him and he would require legal representation whi­ch would cost hundre­ds of dollars. The victim was asked to forward the funds thr­ough a money transfe­r. The man then rece­ived a follow-up call from a man who said he was a police of­ficer and advised the victim to send the money or he would be arrested. The numb­er on the call displ­ay was a general inq­uiries telephone num­ber from Halifax Reg­ional Police which is believed to have been generated by a computer program. The man, believing these to be legitimate calls, followed throu­gh with the requests and was defrauded thousands of dollars.

Police have seen an increase in fraudule­nt activity where ca­llers portray themse­lves as members of different businesses and agencies and dem­and money or items of monetary value. Of­ten there are threats involved where the caller states that if the complainant does not immediately do as requested there will be repercussi­ons.

Citizens are advised that Immigration Ca­nada and Halifax Reg­ional Police do not request money or thr­eaten citizens by ph­one in this manner. Citizens should not engage in conversati­on with anyone who is making calls of th­is nature and should hang up immediately.

If you’ve lost money or provided personal information as a result of this or any other scam, please report the matter to your local police agency.  There is no need to call police to report that you’ve been contacted in relation to this scam if you’re not a vi­ctim.


Source: Media Release

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