Scanning Code of Practice Defined

Scanning Code of Practice Defined

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Here is Canada did you know that if a retailer who uses a system that scans your item for pricing purposes and it scans the wrong amount,  you may qualify for a discount on that item?  Sometimes the store may give the item to you free simply because they made a mistake.

Most major retailers in Canada follow a voluntary rule that’s called the Scanning Code of Practice.  Here is the Rule:

If an item is scanned for a price higher than what is displayed in the store, or advertised by the store the lower price will be honored.


a)if the correct price of the product is $10 or less, the retailer will give the product to the customer free of charge; or

B)if the correct price of the product is higher than $10, the retailer will give the customer a discount of $10 off the corrected price.

There is also another rule. If say you go to the register with 3 of the exact same item, and they all scan wrong, then you would get 1 free, and the other 2 the price would be adjusted to the lower price.


Remember it is a voluntary rule and here is a list of stores I found that practice, and abide by the rule:

  • The Groupe Jean Coutu (NB and Ont only)
  • Lawton Drug Stores
  • London Drugs
  • Lovell Drugs
  • Pharma-save (BC and Sask)
  • Pharma Plus
  • Canada Safeway Limited
  • The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company of Canada Limited
  • Loblaw Companies Limited
  • Sobeys Inc.
  • Metro Inc.
  • Thrifty Foods
  • Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.
  • Co-op Atlantic
  • Federated Co-operatives Limited
  • RCC Supporting Companies:
  • Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.
  • The Home Depot Canada
  • Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd.
  • Toys r Us
  • Rona
  • Wal*Mart Canada Corp.
  • Giant Tiger Stores Ltd.
  • The North West Company
  • Best Buy/Future Shop
  • 2 Home Hardware franchisees
  • Thrifty Foods
  • Overwaitea Food Group
  • The Harry Watson Group
  • Longos Brothers Fruit Markets
  • + 1374 independent locations

So when you are at your favorite retailer on the list be sure to watch the monitor as you may be able to get it discounted or free, or price adjusted. Another thing to note you should always check the monitor and you receipt as mistakes often happen and many times they do not favor you. You will have to ask for the discount so make sure you do, and who knows when you will get your next free item or save $10. I have saved hundreds over the years using it.


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