Schools prepare for incoming heatwave with precautionary measures

Via HRSB releases:

With a heatwave set to hit this week, schools are gearing up to ensure the safety and comfort of students, staff, and parents. Temperatures are expected to soar above 30 degrees Celsius, lasting until Friday. Area schools communicated their detailed plans to cope with the extreme heat through emails and social media posts to their communities.

Saint Agnes Junior High’s, measures, for example, include opening windows early in the morning to allow cool air circulation, keeping blinds closed throughout the day, and using fans to improve air flow. Classes may be relocated to shaded outdoor areas, and physical activities will be limited to prevent overheating. The school is also emphasizing the importance of hydration, urging parents to send full water bottles with their children and reminding them to dress appropriately for the warm weather with hats and sunscreen.

Similarly, Saint Catherine’s School has outlined its strategies to handle the heatwave. In addition to similar ventilation and shading measures, the school will reschedule its Field Day from Thursday to Friday morning, aiming to avoid the peak heat. Students will also be treated to freezies in the afternoon to help cool down. The school has also planned a post-lunch walk and fruit session, emphasizing hydration and appropriate dress for the conditions.

The last significant heatwave in Halifax occurred in early July of last year. Environment Canada issued heat warnings starting around July 6, with temperatures soaring and prompting heat alerts across the region.

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