Have heard quite a lot about sea buckthorn but I’m late getting my hands on the products. It was a great opportunity when SeabuckWonders contacted me for a review.

SeabuckWonders has the only full line of products made with 100% USDA Certified Organic Himalayan sea buckthorn.
Just a quick reference: 100% pure sea buckthorn Berry contains x10 more Vitamin C than oranges, x3 the Vitamin A in carrots, x6 more β-carotene than pumpkins, x5 more SOD (superoxide dismutase) than ginseng and the highest concentration of Vitamin E among fruits.
Sea buckthorn is a powerful antioxidant, packed with over 190 nutrients, especially the rare Omega 7, good for skin health and cell membrane support. SeabuckWonders’ products are Kosher certified, gluten free, recommended by Dr. Oz. Impressed?
Let’s see how these products work, shall we?

This is my favorite product: Sea Buckthorn Oil Blend – Omega 7 Complete. It is an extract of Sea Buckthorn seed oil and berry oil. Best of both worlds, they say, and I am all about convenience.
Suggested use: a dietary supplement, 2-4 soft gels daily (with or without food). These are supposed to help with skin, gastrotestinal, heart and liver health.
I started out with 2 a day, noticed an improvement in my immune system over the 2-3 weeks I used it. I was close to catching a cold a few times but managed to avoid it. The breakouts on my face took less time to calm down, but this of course was with the support of spot treatments as well. Don’t know if it helps any of my internal organs, can’t tell within the short period of time.
No adverse/ odd reactions as a result of these, I’m happy to report. I will continue to finish the bottle up and see if I can find the product around here to add it to the supplements I try to take daily.
A bottle of this oil blend has 60 soft gels, 500mg each (4 parts Berry oil and 1 part Seed oil), retails $30.
Now we examine the two oils that are part of the oil blend above.

This Sea Buckthorn Berry oil comes in the liquid form, housed in a glass bottle with a dropper at the top. The oil was extracted from the whole berries and contains high level of Omega 7, recommended for skin care, inflammation, redness and irritation treatment. 
The first suggested use is a dietary supplement, 35-70 drops daily (with or without food). I am personally prefer the soft gel format, so I don’t taste or smell the oil when I take it, even when mixed with my juice or food. The oil is deep orange because of the high level of carotenoids, and it smells like seaweed to me.
I used the oil as a mix-in with my moisturizer or body lotion (the white blob in the pic), and only at night before bed, because it does leave a tint on the skin for about 30 minutes, and I am already orange enough lol. Any colour left in the morning, I could easily wash it off.
I enjoy the extra benefit of the oil in my body products. The skin feels properly moisturized and soft. The bottle is 1.76oz/ 52ml, retails $25. Each 35 drops contain 1000mg Berry oil, and I only use about a quarter of that each time.

And then there is Sea Buckthorn Seed oil, extracted from only the seeds of the berries (harder to do). It lacks the rare Omega 7 that is found in the Berry oil.
First shown here are the soft gels, as a dietary supplement, 2-4 soft gels daily on an empty stomach. Again, this format does not leave a smell or taste, easier to take orally. However, I don’t see the need to take the Seed oil by itself if I already have the Oil blend – unless you already get enough Omega 7 from other sources. 
You can also extract the oil inside the capsules to apply it externally but I think it is pretty messy to do. Go for the liquid (below) instead. The bottle has 60 soft gels, 500mg each, costs $33.

And here is the Seed oil liquid, 1oz/ 30ml, $33. Also suggested as a dietary supplement, 35-70 drops daily (with or without food). Same idea, not a “go” for me orally but externally.
Notice the lighter colour of the oil here compared to the Berry oil. The tint is hardly noticeable on the skin, which is certainly easier to use. It is a trade-off.
Seed oil, even without Omega 7, still contains high levels of vitamin E, omega 3 and 6, great for the skin and immune system support.
All in all, I recommend the Oil blend as a supplement. For the skin, the Berry oil grabs all the good nutrients, plus Omega 7, and is cheaper than the Seed oil.
SeabuckWonders’ products are available at health food/ supplement stores in the US (not yet in Canada) or online from Tao of Herbs. They ship in the US for between $6-9 (or free with purchase of $100), and $10 flat rate for Canada.


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