Seaport Shenanigans

Down about 23 lbs now and feeling great 🙂 The husband is approaching 30! I think he might be kicking my butt in this one and I couldn’t be happier! Counting calories on My Fitness Pal is really working for us.

We took LO to the

Farmer’s Market today and it was a nice bright and sunny day here (finally) and we went on the Seaport rooftop to give him his lunch. It was also fun to get a few photos goofing around 🙂 The Moms usually NEVER get IN the pictures, because we’re always the ones taking them!

IMG_2566 IMG_2563

IMG_2558 IMG_2578 IMG_2570 IMG_2565 IMG_2571 IMG_2569

“Oh, what’s that flying around your head Mommy? You usually don’t have any of this stuff flying around!”

IMG_2672   IMG_2667  IMG_2563 0 0IMG_2563 1 1 


Ah, the “sunglasses headband trick! Should have thought of that earlier!

IMG_2563 2 2IMG_2563 3 3

          I am finally going to get my blog updated! In addition to no longer being “with one on the way”, every time I post pictures, they end up looking grainy and low quality regardless compression. Not sure if it’s a blogger thing or my template? No one else’s pictures seem to do that so hopefully updating the template etc. will take care of that. We’ll see how these ones turn out!

IMG_2558 0 0



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