Seaside Creamsicles

I have a confession to make, but to be honest I’m not even really embarrassed about it.

I’M WEARING: Tulle Skirt, c/o Envy Clothing.
Sweater, Gap (current and on sale here). Necklace, Etsy. Sandals, c/o Rockport (SO comfortable direct link here). Watch, c/o Daniel Wellington. Bracelet, Olive + Piper. Clutch, 424 Fifth. Mirrored Sunnies, Joe Fresh.
I’ve worn this outfit before (well sort of) I wore this skirt from Envy, and the orange jumper from the Gap to the NSCAD fashion show a couple weeks ago, but I paired it with some red heels (you know the ones from Nine West I’m always wearing?) and a red lip. 
I loved the look so much (but didn’t get a chance to shoot it that night) that I wanted to shoot it again, but I decided to make it a little more “brunch appropriate” (I still might have been a tad over dressed but anyway) by wearing some nude sandals (which are amazingly comfortable I might add), and opting for this super cute clutch (I mean so FREAKIN cute!) and a lipgloss instead of lipstick.
I’m not really embarrassed about repeating this outfit because I think sometimes we are a bit to disposable about our clothing. I think sometimes when we photograph a look we feel like we can’t wear it again, but honestly I kind of do it all the time. 
People are always like OH you must have SO much clothes, and I’m not really going to argue that my wardrobe isn’t exploding out of my closet, but I do wear a lot of stuff over and over again. If you look pretty hard blog reader you’ll notice things creep up on the blog time and time again (especially if I really like the piece), but I just tend to style things differently or pair random things together so it’s a little trickier to notice.

I totally welcome you to do the same; I really don’t think you need to buy something new EVERY time you step out the door. You just have to be a little creative with how you put it together, and if you make good shopping choices you’ll get a lot of wear out of your pieces. If you ever need any help purging your closet or adding to your wardrobe make sure to drop me a line 🙂 I’d be happy you help you along.

So we shot these photos (thanks Mo (lion-hunter) after having brunch at the Ardmore Tea Room. It was so nice to catch up with the always adorable Kaylee (Blondie Locks Blogger) since she’s been living in Toronto, but was in town for the week! YAY! I always love when her, Mo (lion-hunter) and I get together. We always have so much fun and lots of laughs. I love the blogging community here on the East Coast 🙂 We have such a great group of supportive girls. 
For real though is there anything better than brunch with other bloggers (who don’t cringe when you take photos of your food and upload them to instagram), the wind blowing in your hair, and smell of the ocean on your nose? I don’t know about you blog reader, but I’m pretty happy to FINALLY put away the mittens and scarves, and most importantly get back to wearing a dress without tights! I mean it’s the little things in life right?
Ah… I love summer! Now who wants to go get ice cream?

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