Seasonal Safety Tips

Halifax Regional Police (HRP) encourages citizens to take precautions during the holiday shopping season to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

HRP has noted a recent increase in thefts from motor vehicles in East, West and Central divisions. Targeted vehicles are usually parked in retail areas with items left in plain view.

Thefts from motor vehicles are usually crimes of opportunity and can be prevented. HRP shares some simple tips for a safe holiday shopping experience. Remember, crime prevention starts with you.

  • Always lock your vehicle.
  • Park in well-lit, well-travelled areas.
  • Keep packages out of sight. If you’re going to drop off your purchases and return to the store or the mall, you should lock your packages in the trunk and move your vehicle to another location in the parking lot.
  • Remove all valuables such as purses and wallets, laptops, GPS devices and other electronics, and keep your vehicle free from clutter; even an empty shopping bag can create the appearance that there’s something in your car worth stealing.

Anyone who sees suspicious persons or activities near a vehicle is asked to call police at 902-490-5020.


Source : Media Release

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