Second Hand Rose

I had my two daughters 33 months apart… I thought that was a good gap in between so that we’d spend time with our first daughter before our second daughter was born.

By then, the older would be almost three and we’d be out of the sleepless night fog that most new parents are in for a few years.

I guess I was wrong. At the time, it was ok, we managed. But today my youngest daughter needed a baby pic to take to school so I had to go searching through our computer for a picture. Sad, I know… we didn’t have a stack to pick from like we had for our first daughter.

It’s just that I don’t remember a lot about when she was a baby… There are details that I can’t recall. When did she start sleeping through the night? (Did she ever?) Did she like carrots? When were her first steps? I can pinpoint the day my oldest walked… probably because it was the same day we had professional pictures done. Afterwards she toddled across the kitchen and showed off her new independence – 11 months to the day she was born.

But when did my youngest girl walk. Wait, now that I think about it, my youngest took her first steps on New Years Day when she was 10.5 months old.

So maybe the memories ARE there, they just get overshadowed by THE FIRST… our first. But they are no less important. Thankfully I also recorded all the seconds, but HER firsts… and now I have a lot of printing of pics to do!

The guilt got me as she looked with awe at some of the pictures I dug up of her when she was a baby. The first time she saw these pictures… and that’s a shame. But I’m going to fix it. I’m going to dig out the scrapbook I made her and add to it. And remember all her firsts.

Like I wrote in an earlier post, take note. Write things down. Mommy brain is WAY worse than pregnancy brain!


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