Seniors beware of fraud scams, Pictou County, N.S.

Pictou County District RCMP are warning seniors about an ongoing fraud scam.

Over the last few weeks, some citizens have received a phone call where the caller poses as a desperate grandchild in trouble.

The caller begs for money and asks the victim not to speak about it with the rest of their families. Another variation is where the caller poses as an official representative requiring money for an emergency situation for the grandchild. For instance, the caller, acting as a lawyer, claims the grandchild is in jail following a car accident and will not be released until he pays for a car replacement, lawyer fees, bail and then asks the victim to wire money. People should know that in the majority of these cases, the caller resides in a foreign country.

Pictou County District RCMP urge everyone to share this information with their parents, grandparents and elderly neighbours so they become informed and do not become a victim of this crime.

Source: Release

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