Sensational Snap Society!

Ta da! I am revealing my new project today!

I have put together a really fun photo e-course for you! I have been thinking about doing this for a long time and have finally got it all organized. I just finished Maddie’s e-course and enjoyed it so much I thought I had best roll out the wee one I’ve had in the works for ages. This will be a lighthearted project for you burn off some of that Spring Fever! I know you will enjoy it as will I!!

Welcome to the Sensational Snap Society!
Do not fear, you don’t need fancy cameras or technical knowledge. You just need some imagination, a set of eyes, a camera and an internet connection:)
I am so looking forward to this!
Please feel free to pass the info on, repost if you can, I would appreciate it:)

the Sensational Snap Society

This 6 week course starts on Friday April 2nd and runs until May 7th.

This e-course is a fun guided photography romp. No technical “know how” will be imparted, no technical “know how” needed:) We will have weekly assignments that are interesting and creative. You are going to see the world around yourself a bit differently.The mundane can be exciting. Art is everywhere. Snapping is fun.

An assignment will be given once a week with discussion, there will be a midweek check-in and… we have a “private clubhouse” to meet, hangout and get to know each other in the forums. Also, we have a private group gallery where we share our weekly photo assignments. Participation is voluntary. If you want to follow along quietly that is perfectly fine:)

At the end of this e-course everyone will definitely have some sensational snaps and maybe a few new friends! The goal is to have fun, make your camera a trusty companion, and develop a wider appreciation of the visual feast around us!

What you will need:
camera (any kind will do)
high speed internet connection
a willingness to take lots of pictures:)

The cost of this course is $38.00 US
I wanted to make it affordable so more of you could participate!
See you soon:)
REGISTRATION and PAYMENT can be made here

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