Sephora Ombre Obsession face

Ombre has been a trend everywhere, on the nails, eyes and face!

Sephora Ombre Obsession face palette definitely caught my eyes with 4 ombre shades and 4 single shades in matte and shimmery finishes, to be used separately or mixed together, plus a luminizer in the center.

Beautiful festive packaging. The shades look slightly less intense IRL, don’t freak out 🙂 Light hand is the key with this palette. The colours sure are pigmented but blend out very nicely.

The palette is HUGE. Its diameter fits the length of my hand and I have to stretch my fingers fully to hold on to both sides. A lot of product to last you a long time, and the mirror is big too.

First, how the 4 pink shades swatch (clock wise from 10-11 o’clock, with an eyeshadow brush for colour intensity) – True Rose, Ombre Plum, Bright Yellow Pink and Ombre Hot Pink. It’s hard to tell but the ombre shades have tiny shimmers which luckily are not very visible on the cheeks.

Only a tap is enough to get enough product on the brush (and no kickup/ fallout). Blend away and no clown face!

The other 4 colours are more subtle – Light Warm Nude, Ombre Golden Peach, Golden Bronze and Ombre Warm Bronze. Visible shimmers still (except for maybe Light Warm Nude) but they do not create too much of a scene on, with light hand of course.

The Pearly Pink highlighter swatch rounds up the bottom here, slightly sheer but the sheen is pretty and works on my skin tone.

No super long lasting power, as light fading starts mid afternoon, like most blushes on me. I do recommend this palette, if you don’t mind the size and the round shape of it (hard to store) or the lack of true matte contouring/ bronzing shades.

Individual sizes vary: 0.15oz/ 4.19g (ombres), 0.14oz/4.08g (other 4 shades) and 0.13oz/ 3.68g (highlighter). The palette retails $43 ($190 value).

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