Sephora Wonderful Cushion Matte

Also new from Sephora Collection that I bought are the (Limited Edition) Wonderful Cushion Matte lip creams.

Claim to be pigmented and full coverage matte lip stains with shea butter for ultimate comfort, these lip creams follow the path of Too Faced Melted liquified lipsticks.

The tube packaging is quite similar too, and bonus that it comes with a safety wrap along the length of the tube.

The difference in packaging is at the applicator underneath the cap. It is a cushiony sponge but in a rounded shape instead of a slanted tip like that of Too Faced Melted. To me, the “ball” is easier with dabbing motions or layering to create a gradient effect but for a precise but high coverage effect, the angled tip works better.

Sneak peeks of the colours at the tip of the applicators: Wonderful Rosy and Wonderful Purple, which will look lighter when blended.

Talk about blending, these lip creams blend out quite easily and feel surprisingly light on the lips, which I appreciate. I sometimes forgot I had them on. However, each colour takes at least two layers to be opaque at the full-coverage level that it claims. The good thing is they layer well, no pulling or taking off pigmentation from the first layer. And not much of a scent that I detect.

Wonderful Rosy is a perfect pink but like I said, I need to layer it quite a bit to cover the natural pigmentation of my lips or I would just wear it on top of a lip liner. Wonderful Purple is darker, hence better coverage, but also due to the dark colour nature, it is uneven at certain spots and requires extra blending.

I enjoy these Wonderful Cushion Matte lip creams but colour selection is a bit limited. The other 2 shades in the line are Wonderful Red and Wonderful Magenta, both very bright. The tubes are 0.304oz/ 9ml, $10 each vs. Too Faced Melted 0.4oz, $25.

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